Business leaders, get your nose in books


With the rise of the digital sphere and television, it's sad to see books left behind, thrown under the bed, hidden in top cupboards or simply abandoned at bookshops in trade for the TV and internet.

Ok, Netflix is a pretty great invention and an absolute genius move to help us zap time and block out our days, but in it's rise, we've lost our connection with those literature treasures that we so appreciated when we were young.

You probably remember spending your childhood reading about wishing chairs gone wrong, 13 year old detectives who somehow managed to find themselves lost in some serious crime chases, terrifying living dummies that give you the goosebumps and a little bear with strange tiger, piglet and owl friends that find themselves in some tricky circumstances.

Unlike technology, books have souls and leave a space for your own brain to create, ignite ideas and become passionate about the real world around you or a world you could create for yourself.

A little reading everyday (and we're not talking finishing a 'Lord Of The Rings novel in a day...although that would probably take you less time than actually watching the movie) can go a long way for your personal, professional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Here's why business professionals and leaders need to get their nose back in books:

  • Are you looking for the perfect business mentor? You'll find many at your local bookshop just waiting to share their experiences and insight with you. While you probably won't secure regular mentoring meetings with people like Mark Zuckerberg, you can still find a wealth of information and advice in business-inspired books.
  • Are you feeling stressed about your business or at work? A novel will whisk you away to another land where anything is possible. A well-written book will transport you to other realms and give you the choice of WHEN you want to come back into reality.
  • Knowledge friends! There is so much knowledge out there in books that is just waiting for you. A book about psychology might help you tap into an area of customer service that you hadn't previously thought of. By reading the books your customers are likely to read, you'll also tap into their interests and psyche, which could help drive your new products.
  • Research has shown that reading can help improve your concentration, focus, analytical thinking skills, mental power and memory, all very important character traits of a business leader.
  • Business books will help your pitch. Gathering as much information and insight as you can on the business world around you will help boost your elevator pitch and the way that you talk to your clients. Essentially, it will help you get and keep business!

Our tip is to spend a little time before bed reading a book that takes your fancy and to continue doing that for the course of 21 days, the amount of time it takes to build a habit.

And don't forget to try some genres that may not have come into your mind initially.

When you do fall upon one that you simply can't put down, we'd love for you to share it with us in our Facebook community so that we can all benefit. Click here to share your book now.

Here's what we are reading at the moment:

  • Customer is King by Robert Craven; and
  • Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger.