Our 5 favourite free social media tools for businesses

Are you struggling to make time for your social media marketing? Are you missing the mark when it comes to creating content that engages your community or posting ad hoc (when you have the time)?


If you’re looking to attract new customers and retain your tribe of current customers, social media should be an important part of your marketing strategy. This means the pressure is on to produce quality content for your social channels that will inform, engage and inspire your community.

One of the best steps you can take to simplify your social media and keep you on track is to access the right social media tools for your business.

We love discovering new tools that complement our approach to social media marketing for our clients, but we also have our favourite tools that we've been using for as long as can remember.

Today we wanted to share a list of our favourite free, reliable and trusted tools that will help you execute your social media strategy effectively and to schedule.

1. Canva.

Design post templates, prepare your social media mood board and create beautiful imagery on Canva. This easy-to-use site is perfect for businesses that do not have the budget for a professional designer. Canva offers a range of drag-and-drop features and standard layouts for Facebook posts, Instagram images, cover photos and more. 

Cost: The basic version is free, while the paid version is only $9.95/month and allows you to use your brand’s fonts aswell as provides access to a larger suite of free imagery and assets.

Where can I get it? Click here to access Canva.

2. VSCO.

VSCO is one of our all-time favourite photo editing tools. VSCO allows you to take your iPhone photos to the next level through its easy-to-use creative tools. It also gives you the ability to save your image preferences, making it easy to replicate a filter or style to ensure consistency across your social content.

Cost: Free for the basic version, which has all the beautiful editing gadgets you are likely to need.

Where can I get it? Search VSCO in your app store on your phone.

3. Google Alerts.

This tool isn’t as pretty as the previous two, but it’s indispensable for your business. Google Alerts is a free tool that allows you to monitor your online reputation and be a part of conversations related to your business. You can choose the key words you want to keep track of (such as your business name or products, CEO’s name, or even a competitor’s name) and Google will gather any mentions and send them to you in weekly or daily emails.

Cost: Free.

Where can I get it? Click here to set up your Google Alerts

4. Feedly.

This little gem will help give your social media content the boost it needs. Feedly allows you to organise, read and share the information you need to stay on top of your industry, business and competitors, as well as keep an eye on the movers and shakers in the world. With keyword alerts and the ability to organise your feeds so you can easily source content for your own social channels, this free tool will help you gather and share content and keep an eye on your own reputation.

Cost: Free for up to 3 feeds and boards and 100 sources. It’s $5.41/month for the pro version which offers more features, such as your Google keyword alerts and unlimited feeds.

Where can I get it? Click here to access Feedly

5. Content calendar.

The best way to stay on track of your social media is to map out your content in a 12 month content calendar. A content calendar will ensure everything you post on your social channels is inline and purposeful for your overarching goals. Consistency is key in the social media sphere. For only 30minutes a month, you can whip up 30 days of social content that is ready to use each day and is on-message. Yep, that means you won't miss days because you're too busy and won't waste time fumbling over content ideas.

Cost: Free.

Where can I get it? Click here to access your free content calendar from the experts at Squib

What are your favourite social media tools?