Why you should break out the chardonnay and celebrate your small business success

When was the last time you celebrated a win in your business?

Girl at computer celebrating success

It can be so easy to get caught up in servicing our clients, supporting our teams and growing our businesses that it’s easy to forget to take a little time to say “you know what, we absolutely aced that client’s work” or “we’ve really kicked some big goals in the past 12 months”.

While we work tirelessly to propel our business forward, it’s important to stop between the everyday wins to pat ourselves on the back every once in a while. If we don’t celebrate the successes we have made for our businesses and for ourselves, nobody will. 

Whether it’s the end of the year, beginning of the year or right now (hey, you are reading this article which means you probably have time to celebrate yourself and your business), take the time to review your goals, your achievements and give yourself the high five you deserve.

Here are some of our favourite ideas to help you celebrate your success alone (yes, solopreneurs can celebrate too) or with the team.

Reward yourself.

Did you over-perform on your profit goals this month? Do you have a busy month of work ahead that you need to get through? Humans are easily swayed by the things that we need to do, forgetting about the achievements that we’ve already made.

Give yourself a little motivation and a little recognition for the brilliant work that you do. Would you love a new laptop? Factor it into your budget and if you meet your financial goal, reward yourself with the laptop you want. Or have you had your eyes on a new pair of shoes? If you meet your client goals over the next quarter, go for it. 

Take a time out.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you tired or stressed? Celebrating your business and your own successes doesn’t just come down to something material. Sometimes all you need to do is take a little time out for you!

Book a spa day, visit a salt therapy centre or go on a short getaway to your happy place or a relaxing holiday destination. Or…imagine this…take some guilt-free time relaxing at home. Read your favourite book, binge on trashy Netflix shows, cook up a batch of healthy (or unhealthy, we won't judge) meals or spend some quality time with the family on a weekday. You deserve it!

If you have a team, celebrate together.

Rewarding and recognising your team’s achievements should be an integral part of your business' culture. If you realise a goal together, celebrate. If you reach another year in business, celebrate. It doesn’t need to be anything flashy, but sharing the business’ success with your team will help boost morale and will really bring you all together.

Write it down.

Sometimes celebrating our daily achievements can be as simple as jotting them down in a daily journal. Research has proven that building a habit around acknowledging and writing down our small wins each day boosts our moods and can motivate us to repeat those successes.

Taking five minutes a day, an hour a month and a couple of hours a year to celebrate your success won’t break the bank nor will it hold you back from reaching your goals. In fact, celebrating your successes will help inspire your team and motivate yourself to continue to achieve the big items on your to-do list.

So, how will you celebrate your next business milestone?